Sunday, August 3, 2014

Minima - Software Progress

With a now working Minima Controller board (see previous post), I can continue software development and test.

I have just added the following functions to my Minima GitHub Repository:
  • Tuning by 2500Hz Steps (mode set via button 7)
  • Re-Center Tuning Knob while any button is pressed, without changing the Freq

I now have working, but not officially published:
  • RIT is working as expected (tested via the Si570 RF output)
  • Limit TX to within the Ham Bands (currently, the user must control Sidebands out side of the Ham Bands)

The above new functions are added to the current list:
  • High resolution, plus/minus 1Hz Tuning (thanks to Jeff - KO7M).
  • Near Normal Dial Tuning Method as found on most Dial Radio system.
  • Tuning Cursor positioning via Left/Right push buttons.
  • Automatic (original) or Manual Selection of Sideband via push button.
  • Ham Band Switching via Up and Down push buttons
  • Nine Ham Band Memories, with Frequency and Sideband Saved
  • RF386 Power Amplifier Filter Selection via generated clock pulses (Note: Not a lot of testing has been done on this yet)
More clean up and testing is needed.



Eldon R. Brown SR said...

Comments Welcome !

gilbert FAGET said...

Elton .j have to go(take) up the vfo with arduino your soft version 0.4.erb.
Not possible the compliler!!!!!
Would miss files:
Source(Spring) spins Morsetable c ++ and AlMAIN c ++ in bookshop can you send them to me svp?????
Thank you for advance with my 73, and very good work my