Sunday, August 24, 2014

Minima - Planned Panel

Some design progress

Along with my Minima LAB modules (see previous post) I plan to actually build a Minima Transceiver.

This is what I think the front panel will look like. It will be created on brushed double sided copper clad PCB material with nomenclature applied via the Toner Transfer Method. A light protective layer of shellac (or varnish) will be applied.

The rest of the chassis will be double sided copper clad PCB material also.

I take inspiration from Dave's - AA7EE wonderful Chassis that he has built for his projects. His blog is a must-see! . . . I can only hope to be maybe 10% as artful.

My Minima - Planned Panel
Note: A front panel PTT Button may not be necessary depending on the Mic/Phone/Headset used. But, when the switch is absent within the Mic, the panel PTT can be used.

The Reset Button will be mounted on the back of the chassis.



Eldon R. Brown SR said...

Comments Welcome !

aa7ee said...

" I can only hope to be maybe 10% as artful."

Thank you for the compliment Eldon, but your attention to detail with your SMT work is fantastic. I am envious of your SMT knowledge and experience. There is great art in what you do!

I'm on my way to the local print shop right now, as I am toying with the idea of building a Minima for receive only. I will be paying even more attention to your blog in the near future!

73 for now,